Writer’s block be gone!

I was having just a wee bit of writer’s block with my story, and decided to find a writing exercise to jump start my brain again.  And I thought I would share what resulted from it.

There are lots of tricks out there that claim to help writers through those frustrating times, and with me being the enthusiastic newbie, I’m willing to try them all.  So this particular trick says to write about something completely different. Just something short and sweet, nothing too taxing that requires any research or any real work. You’re not even supposed to worry about the grammar really.  But it isn’t free writing, where you just write whatever comes to mind (though that is another trick that is supposed to work). For this you need a topic.  I found this topic by Googling “writing exercises.”  It was on another author’s blog and it read like this:

“Write a scene from your real life or a fictional scene in which a group of people is in some way deprived of the usual amenities we think we have to have. It could be a cabin with the road washed out or a Red Cross shelter, or simply an ordinary home that temporarily has no Internet access or television. How do people act? What do they do? Are there conflicts, either funny or serious?”

I started out with this concept, but quickly put a different spin to it. Goes to show that even when writing about something completely different, you never stray too far from your own writing style.

I also wanted to let you know that it worked, and I’m now diligently working on my own story again.

If you want to read the brief passage that resulted from this exercise,  just click here http://cecilesaldana.wordpress.com/on-the-side/

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