I’m back

Well first, I have to admit that I’ve been very remiss with keeping my blog updated with fresh posts, and I am sorry for that. But I was very open in the beginning when I said that I’m not someone who particularly likes to write about self-centric things. You know there are two types of people in the world – one type that, when faced with one or two challenging situations, seek assurance by shouting their thoughts and ideas from the highest mountain top, and the other type who when confronting those same challenges, tend to retreat and keep their thoughts and feelings closer to the vest. It’s the classic extrovert vs. introvert concept. I am and have always been the latter, so sue me.

So what have I decided to write about on my first return post to pull myself out of my hermit-like existence?  Just a few things that have inspired me and kept me sane these past few weeks.

I’ve read two books. The first was a completely indulgent read that I was prompted to pick up after watching a BBC movie based on the same novel on a gloomy Sunday afternoon.  Mansfield Park by Jane Austen.  I can never get enough of J.A., I love the way her mind worked. I’m always amazed at how she was able to incorporate all the complicated emotions of her characters inside a simple story that keeps her readers riveted even without being action packed.  And the second book, I resisted for as long as I could, but finally gave in. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Why did I resist? I’m not sure. Maybe I wasn’t ready to see that baton of favorite YA book series handed off by Stephanie Meyers Twilight Series just yet. Yes, I know that was years ago, but I was pretty addicted. Kind of sad really, for a woman my age.  At any rate, I decided to hell with it. I need another engrossing story to inspire me and get my own creative juices flowing again. And so help me I totally loved it. I ate it up in just a couple of days. Just like Twilight did for me a few years ago, I think about the Hunger Games characters constantly.  I can only hope that I can give that kind of life to the characters I create.

I got an IPad.  This is something I am very excited about, as I am certain that this instrument will help me with my productivity (in writing and in life). However, the beginning stages of owning one of these you can pretty much categorize as frivolous.  Fun, definitely. But productive, not so much. Right now I’m on the hunt for the perfect writing app. I have Pages and My Memoirs right now, and I haven’t determined which one will work better for me. I’m sure when I have it all perfectly set up, I’ll have to blog about it. But right now, I’m still pretty much app-happy and pushed-content drunk.

I’ve finished another chapter in my current story. Yay!

I’ve been doing some digital fantasy artwork. It’s another creative outlet that I desperately crave at times but unfortunately take up large chunks of precious time that I should be devoting to writing.

I’ve been spending quality time with my mom, watching our hometown NFL team kick butt on Sundays. (Insert sheepish chuckle)

So, that’s it. You are up to date. And yes, I have purposefully left out the details of said challenges that drove me to my introverted ways. Those details are safely tucked away in my personal journal. Of course, I will endeavor to post more and share and express more thoughts on writing and inspirational topics on this personal blog site. But don’t take that as a promise. Take that for what it is, the only thing I can offer…hope.

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