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It’s hard to believe it’s Labor Day weekend again. When you were young, you barely paid attention to the sayings about how life happened in a blink of an eye, or that time goes by faster and faster as you age. Especially since the people expelling those notions tended to be older than you were back then. And though they had lived longer than you had up to that point, you thought that most of what they said was just sad and, of course, didn’t apply to you. Besides, you thought to yourself, it would be awesome if time went by faster! Then you wouldn’t have to wait so long to get promoted, or make enough money to get that car you always wanted. You could finally meet your dream guy or gal and get married and have kids. You could hardly wait to meet all the good stuff of life head on. Yep, that’s how I saw it waaaay back then. Oh how I long for the days when it felt like 2 1/2 months of summer seemed to last forever.

Now another summer has come and gone, and I feel like I barely have anything to show for it. But do I have time to wallow in my wasted opportunities? Hardly. Sigh. Goodbye Summer, I should have appreciated you more. Well hello there Fall. Please don’t tempt me too much with Halloween sweets and holiday treats. Because before you know it, Spring will be knocking on the door, and Summer will be waiting just around the corner yet again.

Anyway, I’ve posted an excerpt from chapter 4 of my current writing project. I’m currently finishing Chapter 8 (or is it 9?) which should be the last chapter of book 1. And yes, it feels like I only started writing this story a couple of months ago. But alas, almost 2 years have passed already since I put the first pen to paper on this project. Woosh! Dang, life just raced by and almost took my head off!

If you are still young…ah heck, even if you’re old and ragged…seriously, appreciate every beautiful moment and don’t wish too hard for the future to get here. It may be cliche, but life is short, live it well.


“Rose! WAKE UP!” Mom’s voice jolted me from a dead sleep. My eyes shot open. I gasped and felt hot air rush into my lungs. Immediately, I started coughing and started rubbing at my eyes. I could barely open them because they burned so badly. Just then, my bedroom door blew open. I gagged when I saw a shadowed figure rush towards me. I almost screamed until through a squinted stare, I was able to make out Mom’s face. She had Zack tucked tightly to her side. He was coughing uncontrollably, too.
“Rose! Hurry, we don’t have much time!” She said, pulling me from my bed. It was then that I saw the billowing gold flames in the hallway behind her.
We hurried to my bedroom window. I could feel the intense heat on my skin. She must have felt it too because it was then that she swung her arm violently in the air towards the door slamming it closed, shutting out the heat and the flames for a while longer. My coughing got worse. I thought that any minute my lungs were going to explode. When I struggled to open the window, Mom nudged me aside and handed Zack to me. With one smooth movement, she lifted the window pane without even touching it. The heat from inside the room rushed by us and into the night air. Several of our neighbors were standing across the street, staring at our burning home. I waved at them frantically and yelled “Help us!” I turned to face Mom. “We’re going to be rescued!” I said. Then I heard a loud rumbling as the door to my room began to rattle on its hinges.
“There’s isn’t time to wait.” Mom said in a surprisingly calm voice. She took one step backward. “Hold on to your brother, make sure he’s safe.”
Obediently, I tightened my arms around Zack. Then she closed her eyes and began some sort of incantation I’d never heard before. In the full moon, I could see her face flush as she continued to chant. Suddenly, the whole room was cast with a beautiful cerulean blue light.
It was at that moment I realized I wasn’t coughing anymore. I could breathe again. I inhaled deeply, filling my lungs with sweet oxygen. I looked down at Zack, who had also stopped coughing. He rested his head against my chest, his eyes heavy with exhaustion. He looked like an angel with his curly hair and round pink cheeks. It took another second for my brain to register that I could actually see the color in his face. When everything else in the room was cast in a bluish tint, the walls, the dresser, the bed, Mom —there was no hint of blue in Zack’s face. I looked at my own hand. Even in the dim light, I could see the flesh tones of my skin. That’s when I realized that Zack and I were inside some sort of bubble. I looked at my mother as she stood behind the blue translucent wall now separating her from us.


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