Some things I learned about myself in 2013

christmasI can finish what I start! I did it! I finished Misspelled. I got help with the copy editing (as many of my critics suggested) and I’m querying agents as I write this. It was a ton of hard work, and there were times when I wasn’t sure I’d get here, but I saw it through. It’s morphed quite a bit since the first iterations, but I think you’ll like it. I hope you all will.  Here’s a chapter from the final version.

Some other things I discovered about myelf:

I kind of like scary things. Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Paranormal Activity 1-4…bring it on. Just as long as the lights are on, and I can wash it down with an On Demand showing of SNL.

I don’t have to carry my iPad with me everywhere I go. Seriously, who does that? My back is much happier with me now.

I write better in the morning….now if I could only get myself to get up earlier, that would help.

I’m not good at accepting criticism. It takes me at least a week to get over the feeling of self loathing.

I’m the worst public speaker in the world.

I love the idea going for a walk.

I forget how much I love the idea of going for walk, once I’m actually walking.

I like brussel sprouts.

I look more and more like my mom every day.

I will never have a hair do that I’m happy with.

I need to get as good at appreciating my own talents as I am at the self loathing.

Don’t be too serious about anything. If you can’t laugh about something, it’s not worth letting into your life.

So, I suppose the next thing I should do is sit down and write my resolutions for 2014. Hmmm. Nah. I think I’ll just do my best to do my best. No point in starting off the year in disappointment.

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