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Hey there! We’re Lia & Jeremy. We created Practical Wanderlust in 2016, just before throwing all of our stuff in storage and embarking on a year-long honeymoon. The honeymoon was pretty much a disaster (read all about it) but we had a great time anyway.

On our blog you’ll find practical, down-to-earth, budget-friendly travel tips that will help you avoid making all of our terrible, terrible mistakes. We love off-the-beaten-path travel and discovering what makes a place unique (and a little weird). Our goal is to inform you & make you laugh (preferably at the same time). We want to show that travel doesn’t have to be perfect – sometimes it’s a complete disaster, and that’s OK too!

Want to know more about us? You can low key stalk us here & on our social media channels.

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Transformers Takara Masterpiece MP-39 Sunstreaker Brand New
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Our Year Long Honeymoon

Transformers Takara MP39 Masterpiece Sunstreaker

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Decepticon Brawl Leader Class Transformers Action Figure NIB 2007

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