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Transformers Original G1 1985 Seeker Jet Ramjet Complete w Box
Transformers Original G1 1986 Aerialbot Air Raid Complete for Superion
Transformers Original G1 1986 Combaticon Brawl Complete for Bruticus
Transformers Original G1 1986 Predacon Headstrong Complete for Predaking
Transformers Original G1 1986 Sky Lynx Complete w Box
Transformers Original G1 1987 Seacon Overbite Complete For Piranacon
Transformers Original G1 1988 Pretender Iguanus Cycle Wheels Accessory Part
Transformers Original G1 AFA 85 Minibot Bumblebee Yellow MOSC 80 90 90
Transformers Original G1 Optimus Prime 1980 1982 Takara Hasbro AS-IS READ
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Transformers Pinball Game Revenge Of The Fallen redF Movie MISB New
February 2020 Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France
Transformers Platinum Edition Cyclonus And Sweeps
Transformers Platinum Edition Year of the Horse 2014 Optimus Prime New MISB

What is Esports BAR Cannes?

Esports BAR Cannes is the world's business event where top-management esports executives and non-endemic leaders meet to shape esports’ future.

Over three days, Esports BAR Cannes offers an exclusive 1-to-1 Matchmaking programme that carefully mixes industry leaders, together with a 3-day Forum programme featuring mentoring and insights to develop business expertise in esports.

600 Attendees
40 Countries
1100 Meetings
Transformers POTP Power of the Primes Voyager Terrorcon Hun-Gurrr and Elita 1
96 Satisfaction Rate

Esports BAR Cannes 2019: Highlights

Transformers Power Of The prime PP-08 Lodi trout prime
Transformers Power Of The prime PP-26 Eritawan Japan
Transformers Power Of The Primes Abominus Terrocons HunGurr

Esports BAR 2019 Game Shakers Awards and the Finalists are…

Esports BAR, the world’s leading international business, conference, networking and awards event for companies operating in the esports ecosystem, announces the nominees for the 2019 Game Shakers Awards. Finalists have been chosen by a jury of internationally-respected esports experts.


TheFatRat becomes Esports BAR Game Shakers Awards Second Ambassador

Esports BAR, the world’s leading international business, conference, networking and awards event for companies operating in the esports ecosystem, is turning up the volume with the announcement that German record producer and musician, Christian Buttner (Aka TheFatRat), is Esports BAR Game Shakers Awards second Ambassador. 

Transformers Power Of The Primes POTP Voyager Class Terrorcon Hun-Gurrr MISB

Jack Etienne is Esports BAR "Shaker of the year"

Esports BAR, the world’s leading international business, conference, networking and awards event for companies operating in the esports ecosystem, today announces that Cloud9 CEO, Jack Etienne, will be honoured as the Esports Shaker of the Year in Cannes.

Transformers Power Surge Gigawatt Optimus Prime & Mini-Con Aerobolt RID

Carlos "ocelote" Rodríguez Santiago to keynote at Esports BAR Cannes...

Former professional League of Legends player, Carlos "ocelote" Rodríguez created the esports organisation G2 Esports. He lead the team to sucesses in League of Legends, CS:GO, Rocket League, and Hearthstone. He will share in Cannes his experience as an esports leader.

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Transformers Prime Authentic Beast Hunters Voyager Class Ultra Magnus Ex Display

NFL & Twitch Take Centre Stage Together, in Cannes…

NFL's Head of Digital Production Matt Schnider and Twitch's Head of Esports Justin Dellario are going to be discussing the potential of NFL's content on digital platforms - the kicker?

Esports BAR focus on media convergence with esports with ProSiebenSat.1 Sports

ProSiebenSat.1 Sports MD Stefan Zant sharing insights on why esports is now a central strategic objective for the media networks.
In Germany, several of the major broadcasters are trying to make esports a staple of their programming. Zant is definitely one of those pioneering executives that have predicted the importance of esports for the media industry. Zant co-founded 7Sports, the sports business unit of ProSiebenSat.1, where he now serves as managing director.

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Prowl Hasbro

YouTube Ryan Wyatt to Keynote in Cannes

Ryan Wyatt is head VR and Gaming at YouTube where he oversees both the Gaming business and the growing Virtual Reality business.

He manages publishers partnerships, top gaming creators, live streamers and esports leagues as well as virtual reality business.
Ryan will be sharing it with us his strong expertise in esports in February.

Transformers Prime Edition Platinum Ultra Magnus The 30ème Anniversaire

Esports BAR Cannes 2019

A 3-day unique experience to help you develop efficient long-term businesses with peer and non-endemic partners.

Transformers Prime New Sealed RID Deluxe Soundwave Action Figure MOSC Laserbeak

The Forum

Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise Deluxe Bumblebee Brand New

The Forum is a 3-day conference & networking programme designed to help delegates develop their business strategy in esports and grow their expertise.

The Forum offers:
-Mentoring & Business Insight Sessions
-Demo Space & Showcase
-Unparalleled Networking Opportunities




1-to-1 Matchmaking

An exclusive "club" where top esports tastemakers interact with non-endemic top management executives.

The most direct, cost effective & easy way for non-endemic & endemic brands, media, advertising agencies, publishers and esports organisations to forge successful business partnerships.

Esports BAR Cannes 1-to-1 Matchmaking's offer is over but Esports BAR Miami is coming fast! 


Transformers Prime Wars Blast Off Megatronus Prime Punch Counterpunch Prima Set Apply now

Games Shakers Awards

Esport goes mainstream, Esports BAR celebrates the game changers of esports!
The Game Shakers Awards is the one and only truly international event to reward outstanding professionals for their contribution to develop esports recognition and credibility throughout the world.





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Transformers Rescue Bots Dinobots Raptor Fireboat Blades Cody Burns Optimus

Hosted Brands: Special Programme

To provide non-endemic brands the support they need within the esports sector and facilitate their collaboration with the entire global community, Esports BAR hosts a dedicated and exclusive programme for leading global brands.

Transformers Reveal The Shield Solar Storm Grappel & Generations Hot Spot

Who can join the Hosted Brand Programme:
The Hosted Brand programme is targeted at senior decision makers of non-endemic brands, responsible for sponsorship, marketing or advertising activities across the globe.

We define non-endemic brands as companies operating in the following industries:
Airlines, Rail ; Automobiles; Banks, Insurance; Beverages, Food; Energy; Textiles, Apparel…

We only accept the very best non endemic brand decision makers in the industry; all applicants for Esports BAR Hosted Brand Programme are required to fulfill a strict criteria and will be asked for reference checks.
Hosted Brands in attendance will meet with the best of the best in the esports industry, from game publishers to tournament organisers and teams.

What a brand gets at Esports BAR: 
A 3-day package including access to the Forum and all networking activities
-Exclusive Mentoring Programme for Brands: NEW!

Including 2 hours of tailored round-table workshop exclusively open to hosted brands
-A Pre-scheduled Agenda of 1-to-1 meetings for 1 executive - up to 16 meetings (Value: 3.990€)
-Travel Costs to Cannes (up to 300€ from/to Europe; up to 1000€ for all other countries).
-Hotel Invitation for 2 nights (Tuesday 12 & Wednesday 13 February)

What a Brand does at Esports BAR:
Hosted Brands presence in Cannes are required from Tuesday 12 February, 14.00 to Thursday 14 February, 16.00.
They are actively asked to participate in all pre­scheduled 1-­to-­1 meetings with attendees.

Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen Exclusive G1 Deco Constructicons Devestator

2019 Official Sponsor

Transformers Revenge Transformers Movie RA-06 Roll Bar Figure Japan

2019 Official Partners

Transformers RM-16 Victory Leo Figure

films SS12 Series Studio toy deformation Hasbro 1 3C noise V 9b539hawf9561-Toys & Games

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