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Finding Normal

By Cecile Saldana

When your heart is broken into a million pieces at the young age of eight, like Emma’s was,finding_normal
When Emma and her mom moved to a busy new city, her plan was to blend into the background. In fact, she thought to herself, if it were at all possible, she would simply disappear. But when Reese, the most popular girl in school, inexplicably and emphatically decides to befriend her, Emma’s plan is thrown out the window.
Her life is turned upside down as she finds herself immersed in all of the feelings and emotions that she’s hidden from all of her life. She meets Thomas, her polar opposite in personality- outgoing, confident and charmingly funny – who somehow gets her better than anyone. And then there’s Reese’s brother Mike and his mysterious friend, Christian.
By allowing love and friendship into her life, Emma is finally living a normal life. But she soon discovers that a normal life hardly ever stays perfect for long. Can Emma survive the heartache and difficulties that a so-called normal life always comes with?

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