Latest excerpts from Misspelled

COVER_06282013022657It’s hard to describe the feelings that engulf you when you finish writing a novel. Just getting to type those words “The End” fills you with a certain trepidation that can only be thought of as weird. I don’t know if other authors feel the same way, but I know I’m overcome with a combination of relief, happiness, fear and dread. Probably because I know that it really isn’t the “end”. There are many, many revisions before I can finally call it a finished first draft. Then I walk away from it for weeks. When I finally get the itch to pick it up again, I’ll read a few chapters and wonder why I even bother. I get depressed, I ponder giving up writing altogether, and then I usually get caught up in some other creative distraction…graphic art, photography and baking were all distractions when I became despondent over this last project. So now I can create my own book covers, which is fantastic, but I also gained like 100 lbs (not so fantastic). But I always end up going back to the writing. Finally, after what feels like ages, I open the manuscript again…and fall in love with it all over again. Most of it anyways. Okay, small pieces of it. But enough pieces, that I’m inspired to tweak it, and massage it until it’s better. Much better.

Of course this massaging process takes another few months, but you eventually get to a new “The End”. And then, guess what? I go through all that crap all over again. (Sigh)

But the despair is less debilitating and the time away from the writing is spent on written inspiration…reading, writing short passage ideas for the second book, firming up the story line. But there’s always time for baking right? Maybe not.

So now I have a really, real first draft. Since I’m going to try going the traditional route this time and find an agent, I’m sending it out for some copy editing. I’m quite certain I’ll be rewriting much of it again, but I’m moving forward. And this is a good thing. I keep telling that to my stomach, upset with churning bile.

At any rate, I’m closer to the end goal (with book 1). I know the title, and have comped up the book cover (tell me what you think of it) and am hopeful that the real “The End” is right around the corner for Misspelled. Now I wait for my beta readers enthusiastic feedback, and the copy editor to gently tell me I suck. Meanwhile, I’m off to start book 2. And here we go again.

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